Session Materials and Resources

AAC&U thanks the session facilitators for sharing their work.  Resources and materials are provided at the discretion of the facilitators. Additional materials will be posted over the next few weeks.

Workshop 4:  Transforming Institutions:  21st-Century Undergraduate STEM Education (pdf), Handout (pdf)
James Lehman, Director, and Wilella Burgess, Managing Director—both of the Discovery Learning Research Center—Purdue University; and Gabriela Weaver, Vice Provost for Faculty Development—University of Massachusetts–Amherst; and Linda Slakey, Professor Emeritus, and former Dean of the College of Natural Science and Mathematics—University of Massachusetts–Amherst, Senior Scholar—Bay View Allilance, and Senior Fellow—AAC&U/PKAL 

Workshop 5:  Pre-Service STEM Teacher Education (pdf), Handout 1 (pdf), Handout 2 (pdf), Handout 3 (pdf), Handout 4 (pdf)
Ed Geary, Director of Science, Mathematics, and Technology Education and Roxane Roca, Instructor of Mathematics—both of Western Washington University; Stamatis Vokos, Professor of Physics—Seattle Pacific University; Sara Julin, Senior Physics Instructor—Whatcom Community College; and Paul Kuerbis, Professor of Education Emeritus—Colorado College

CS 4:  Building Lifelong Learning Skills into Course Design (pdf), Handout 1 (pdf)Handout 2 (pdf)
Erin M. Hill, Physics Lecturer—University of Washington Bothell

CS 9:  Fostering an Entrepreneurial Mindset in Engineering Students, Faculty, and Institutions (pdf)
Helen L. Chen, Director of ePortfolio Initiatives and Research Scientist, Designing Education Lab, Department of Mechanical Engineering—Stanford University; Doug Melton, Kern Entrepreneurial Engineering Network (KEEN) Program Director—Kern Family Foundation; and Terrel Rhodes, Vice President, Office of Quality, Curriculum, and Assessment—AAC&U 

CS 16:  Deeper STEM Learning through Metacognitive Conversation (pdf), Handout 1 (pdf), Handout 2 (pdf), Handout 3 (pdf)
Theresa Martin, Professor of Biology and Professional Development Coordinator—College of San Mateo; Lilit Haroyan, Physics Instructor—Los Angeles Mission College; Linda Zarzana, Professor of Chemistry—American River College; and Denise Hum, Math Instructor—Cañada College

CS 17:  Promoting Persistence and Success: Adapting Promising Practices and Promoting Institutional Change (pdf), Handout 1 (pdf), Handout 2 (pdf), Handout 3 (pdf), Handout 4 (pdf), Handout 5 (pdf), Handout 6 (pdf), Handout 7 (pdf)
Patricia A. Marsteller, Professor of Practice in Biology and Director of the Center for Science Education—Emory University; Cynthia Bauerle, Assistant Director Undergraduate and Graduate Programs in Science Education—Howard Hughes Medical Institute; and Ashleigh Wright, Coordinator, Outreach and Initiatives and Manager, HHMI Professors Program—Louisiana State University

CS 19:  Understanding Cultural Change: Frameworks and Tools for Documenting STEM Transformation (pdf)
Pat A. Hutchings, Senior Scholar—Bay View Alliance; and Linda Slakey, Professor Emeritus, and former Dean of the College of Natural Science and Mathematics—University of Massachusetts-Amherst, Senior Scholar—Bay View Alliance, and Senior Fellow—AAC&U/PKAL 

CS 22:  Quantitative Reasoning for Higher Education:  What does the Research Say? (pdf)
Eric Gaze, Director of the QR Program—Bowdoin College Center for Learning and Teaching and President—National Numeracy Network; and Kate Follette, Postdoctoral Scholar, Kavli Institute for Particle Astrophysics and Cosmology—Stanford University

CS 31:  Make Tech Accessible with iDesign Studio (pdf)
Audrey St. John, Associate Professor of Computer Science—Mount Holyoke College

CS 36:  Learning to Write and Writing to Learn: A Rhetorical Approach to Teaching Professional Writing to Advanced STEM Undergraduates (pdf)
Chris Thaiss, Clark Kerr Presidential Chair and Professor in the University Writing Program, Brenda Rinard, Assistant Director of Writing Across the Curriculum and Lecturer in the University Writing Program, Melissa Bender, Writing Across the Curriculum Workshop Member and Lecturer in the University Writing Program, and Katie Rodger, Lecturer, University Writing Program—all of University of California at Davis

CS 42:  Is There A Formula for Understanding and Improving STEM Student Motivation? (pdf), Handout 1 (pdf), Handout 2 (pdf)
Kenneth Barron, Professor of Psychology and Co-Director of James Madison University’s Motivation Research Institute—James Madison University; and Steve R. Getty, Director, Quantitative Reasoning Center—Colorado College

CS 46:  Transforming Curriculum to Implement Course-Based Research Experiences Across the Sciences (pdf)
Patricia DiBartolo, Faculty Director of the Sciences and Professor of Psychology and Kevin Shea, Professor of Chemistry—both of Smith College

CS 50:  Supporting STEM Transfer Student Success (pdf)
Timothy P. Scott, Associate Dean of Undergraduate Programs and Sara Thigpin, Administrative Coordinator, Undergraduate Programs—both of Texas A&M University

CS 51:  Using Small Group, Peer Mentoring to Support Faculty Development and Career Advancement (pdf), Handout 1 (pdf), Handout 2 (pdf)
Joanne Smieja, Principle Investigator, ASAP ADVANCE—Gonzaga University; Luanne Tilstra, Professor of Chemistry—Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology; Sudha Srinivas, Professor of Physics, Northeastern Illinois University; Vicki-Lyn Holmes, Associate Professor of Math—Hope College; and Stephanie Conant, Associate Professor of Biology—University of Detroit Mercy

CS 56:  Global Problems, Big Projects, and First Year Students:  A Potent Mix! (pdf)
Kristin Wobbe, Associate Dean, Undergraduate Studies, Derren Rosbach, Assistant Teaching Professor, and Marja Bakermans, Assistant Teaching Professor—all of Worcester Polytechnic Institute

CS 62:  PULSE: Promoting Vision and Change through Departmental Transformation (pdf)
C. Gary Reiness, Professor of Biology and Associate Dean of the College—Lewis & Clark College; Jenny L. McFarland, Tenured Faculty, Biology Department—Edmonds Community College; and Joann J. Otto, Professor and Chair of Biology—Western Washington University