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2013 Institute on General Education and Assessment

June 1-5, 2013
The University of Vermont
Burlington, Vermont

Institute Faculty

Each team will have extensive opportunities to work as a group, with other teams, and with the experienced faculty consultants available throughout the Institute. Workshops, team time, and consultations help to create a supportive, stimulating environment that allows teams to make substantial progress in their general education reform efforts.

Depending upon the needs and projects of the selected teams, other faculty members may be added to the following list.

Brian Bridges

Brian Bridges, Executive Director of the Frederick D. Patterson Research Institute, United Negro College Fund: diversity initiatives, institutional goal alignment, academic excellence, student access, retention



Helen Chen

Helen L. Chen, Director of ePortfolio Initiatives, Office of the Registrar; Research Scientist, Designing Education Lab, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Stanford University: e-portfolios and "folio thinking," Web 2.0 applications and strategies, engaging stakeholders, learning space design and assessment

Gail Evans

Gail Evans, Dean for Undergraduate Studies, San Francisco State University: “revisioning” general education from start to finish (developing learning outcomes, assessment strategies, governance structure); implementing and sustaining campus projects; integrating general education with the major; first-year experience

Scott Evenbeck

Scott Evenbeck, President, City University of New York-New Community College: first-year experience; learning communities; learning outcomes; K-12 support for learning; faculty involvement with new students

Bret Eynon

Bret Eynon, Assistant Dean for Teaching and Learning, City University of New York–LaGuardia Community College: e-portfolios; faculty development; student success; English-language learners; integrative learning

Ann Ferren

Ann S. Ferren, Senior Fellow, AAC&U: general education models; use of resources/costing out models; politics and strategy; improving teaching, strengthening curricula

Ashley Finley

Ashley Finley, Senior Director of Assessment and Research, AAC&U: assessment strategies; developing logic models to map institutional assessment; using data for effective communication; assessment using rubrics and e-portfolios; connecting learning, civic engagement, and student well-being

Paul Gaston

Paul Gaston, Trustees Professor, Kent State University: accreditation; curriculum; implementation; continuous improvement; connecting general education and the major

Alfredo Gonzalez

Alfredo Gonzalez, Senior Associate, Excelencia in Education, and Dean and Professor Emeritus at California State University Los Angeles: community college transfers and understanding and facilitating their transitionto, academic success at, and graduation from, four year colleges and universities.

Kevin Hovland

Kevin Hovland, Senior Director for Global Learning and Curricular Change, AAC&U: global learning outcomes and opportunities; civic engagement initiatives; strategies for developing and expanding diversity initiatives; scientific thinking and integrative reasoning skills

Debra Humphreys

Debra Humphreys, Vice President for Policy and Public Engagement, AAC&U: communications; diversity; institutional change

Lee Knefelkamp

Lee Knefelkamp, Senior Scholar, AAC&U, and Professor of Psychology and Education, Teachers College, Columbia University: student intellectual and moral development; learning styles; diversity and intercultural communication; integrating student and academic affairs

Peggy Maki

Peggy Maki, Educational Assessment Consultant, Assessment Field Editor, Stylus Publishing; Assessment Consultant, Advancing a Massachusetts Culture of Assessment Project: assessment issues and practices; aligning teaching, learning and assessment; culture of assessment; mapping and inventories

José Moreno

José Moreno, Associate Professor of Latino Education & Policy Studies, California State University, Long Beach: building capacity for improving student success, particularly underserved students; access and equity; building capacity for diversity, including faculty hiring and retention; assessment and evaluation methods

Terry Rhodes

Terrel Rhodes, Vice President for Quality, Curriculum, and Assessment, AAC&U: e-portfolios and rubrics; learning communities; integrative learning; institutional transformation; transfer students

Barbara Wright

Barbara Wright, Vice President, Western Association of Schools and Colleges: principles and practices in assessment; qualitative assessment; accreditation; expectations for the quality of student work