Session Materials and Resources

AAC&U thanks the conference session facilitators for sharing their work.  Resources and materials are provided at the discretion of the facilitators. Additional materials will be posted over the next few weeks.

Student Plenary Biographies

Facilitated Discussion Materials:

Identifying specific skills and knowledge

Developing an equity framework for global learning

Designing innovations
Handouts, Notes from discussion

Assessing global learning; providing evidence of effectiveness

Implications for faculty and departments

Helping students connect and integrate learning

Sustaining work as institutional priority

Concurrent Sessions:

CS4: From Doorstep to Planet: The Domestic-International Nexus in Global Learning 
Shuang Frances Wu and Richard Slimbach

CS7: E-Portfolios: Bridging the Globalized Curriculum and Students' Personal Identity 
Paloma Rodriguez and Larry Braskamp

CS9: HEDS Up-Advancing Cultural Competence and Social Justice

CS10: Our Classrooms Globalized: Teaching adn Learning with International Students 
Alistair Howard

CS 24: How to Talk About Difference: Leveraging Virtual Space in International Education
Lauren Dickinson

CS25: Global Approaches to Global Learning Assessment: Making the Results Meaningful 
Hilary Landorf and Stephanie Doscher

CS26: Teaching Global Challenges: An Innovative, Collaborative Approach 
Shala Mills, Darrell Hamlin,and Denny Falk