Session Materials and Resources: Global Learning in College 2013

Resources and materials are provided at the discretion of the facilitators. Additional items will be posted as they are made available.

Pre-Conference Workshop 1: Educating for Global Awareness and Sensibilities: Frameworks, Components, Syntheses (pdf)
Indira Nair, Professor and Vice Provost Emeritus—Carnegie Mellon University

Pre-Conference Workshop 2: Global Learning and Ethics (pdf)
Stephen L. Esquith, Professor of Philosophy and Dean of the Residential College in the Arts and Humanities—Michigan State University

Pre-Conference Workshop 3: Situated Solutions: Global Learning through Interdisciplinary Problem-Solving in Specific Contexts (ppt)
Richard Francis Vaz, Dean, Interdisciplinary and Global Studies, Kristin K. Wobbe, Associate Dean of Undergraduate Studies and Associate Professor, Chemistry and Biochemistry, Elena BanegasVictoria CarlsonKatherine Picchione, and Sarah Sawatski, Students—all of Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Pre-Conference Workshop 4: Assessing Global Learning: A National Rubric and Practical Application (pdf)
Global Learning VALUE Rubric (pdf) 
David A. Blair
, Director, Institutional Assessment—St. Edwards University; andSarah Fatherly, Associate Provost and Dean of University Programs—Queens University of Charlotte

CS 3: Revitalizing the Humanities: The Global Humanities Institute at Montgomery College (ppt)
Handout: Tools for Global Humanities Teaching and Curriculum-Building (docx)
Marcia Bronstein, Professor of English and Co-Coordinator of Curriculum of the Global Humanities Institute, Sharyn Neuwirth, Professor of English as a Second Language and Director of Curriculum of the Global Humanities Institute, and Shelley Jones, Professor of World Languages and Co-Coordinator of Curriculum of the Global Humanities Institute—all of Montgomery College Takoma Park Silver Spring Campus

CS 6: Ethics in Global Service Learning: Talking About Power, Privilege, and Justice (pdf)
Shoshanna Sumka, Assistant Director of Global Learning and Leadership, Center for Community Engagement and Service—American University; andMelody Porter, Associate Director, Office of Community Engagement—College of William and Mary

CS 7: Global Cities, Global Citizenship: An Urban-Themed Mobility Project (ppt)
Kathi A. Ketcheson, Director of Institutional Research and Planning—Portland State University

CS 21: Assessing Global Learning: Lessons from the Field
Improving and Assessing Global Learning (NAFSA e-publication)
Madeleine Green, Senior Fellow—NAFSA Association of International Educators and Hilary Landorf, Director of Global Learning Initiatives—Florida International University

CS 22: Promoting International Collaboration: A Two-Way Cross-National Experiential Learning Model (ppt)
Solange D. Simoes, Associate Professor of Sociology and Women's and Gender Studies and Margaret Crouch, Professor of Philosophy—both of Eastern Michigan University

CS 23: Conversations on the Bridge: The Bridging Cultures Project at Middlesex Community College (ppt)
Global Learning Inventory Framework (pdf)
Global Perspectives at Middlesex Community College (pdf)
Dona M. Cady, Dean of Global Education, Carina Self, Assistant Dean of Social Science and Service Learning, and Matthew Olson, Dean of Humanities and Social Sciences—all of Middlesex Community College

CS 24.1: Exposing Western Perspectives and Privileges in the Biosciences(pdf)
Unnatural Selection: Choosing Boys Over Girls, and the Consequences of a World Full of Men (docx)
Jinnie M. Garrett, Professor of Biology—Hamilton College

CS 24.2: Make Room for the Local
Arlene S. Walker-Andrews, Associate Provost for Global Century Education and Cody Dems, Undergraduate Student —both of The University of Montana

CS 26: Give Students a Compass: Liberal Learning, Educational Innovations, and the Global Commons
Carol Geary Schneider, President—AAC&U

CS 30: Demography, Bologna, Tuning, and Thematic Networks: Global Perspectives on Learning (ppt)
Clifford Adelman, Senior Associate—Institute for Higher Education Policy

CS 31: The One World Initiative: Using Global Themes to Engage the Entire Campus Community in Global Education (ppt)
Lisa Hammersley, Professor of Geology and Raghuraman Trichur, Professor of Anthropology—both of California State University, Sacramento

CS 35: Difficult Dialogues: Re-discovering the Unifying Dynamism of Intellectual Integrity (ppt)
Robert Stephen Hays, Associate Professor, Department of Classics and World Religions—Ohio University Main Campus

CS 46: Disciplinary Strategies for Implementing Place-Based Pedagogy in Global Learning Courses and Activities (pdf)
Hilary Landorf, Director of Global Learning Initiatives and Stephanie Doscher, Associate Director of Global Learning Initiatives—both of Florida International University