Session Materials and Resources: General Education and Assessment 2014

AAC&U thanks the conference session facilitators for sharing their work.  Resources and materials are provided at the discretion of the facilitators. Additional materials will be posted over the next few weeks.

Closing Plenary: Reflection for Innovation (YouTube video)
Student Voices and Tweets (YouTube video) 
Terrel Rhodes, Vice President for Quality, Curriculum, and Assessment, and Ashley Finley, Senior Director of Assessment and Research—both of AAC&U

Community Forum: The Degree Qualifications Profile: Framing Learning Outcomes for General Education (URL)
Amber Garrison Duncan, Evaluation and Planning Officer—Lumina Foundation; and Paul Gaston, Trustees Professor of English—Kent State University 
Effective general education rests on shared understanding of clear baccalaureate learning outcomes. An expression of developing consensus within higher education, Lumina Foundation's Degree Qualifications Profile sets forth proficiencies expected of college graduates. Following a brief overview of the DQP, participants will consider questions concerning how agreement on standards can promote and support academic renewal while serving as an effective defense against intrusive "standardization." In an informal and convivial atmosphere, participants will discuss the standards in place at their institutions, the ways in which such standards develop and are affirmed, how faculty members and students use standards to enhance learning, and how a reliable and accessible expression of a broader consensus might be helpful.

Workshop 1: Building Campus Support for Change through Curricular "Mapping" (ppt) 
Gail Evans, (Retired) Dean of Undergraduate Studies—San Francisco State University

Workshop 2: Designing Authentic, Multi-sourced Learning: Engaging Students and Faculty (pdf)
Kimberly Eby, Associate Provost for Faculty Development and Director, Center for Teaching and Faculty Excellence—George Mason University; andSarah Ulerick, Division Dean of Science—Lane Community College

Workshop 5: Essential Practices for Effective Rubric Implementation (ppt)
Ashley Finley, Senior Director of Assessment and Research—AAC&U; and Linda Siefert, Director of Assessment—University of North Carolina Wilmington

Workshop 6: Communicating Effectively about the Value(s) of General Education (pdf) 
Debra Humphreys, Vice President for Policy and Public Engagement—AAC&U

CS 3: Assessment Administrators Anonymous: Twelve Steps for Involving Faculty in Assessment (ppt)
Jillian Kinzie, Associate Director, Center for Postsecondary Research—Indiana University Bloomington; and Nathan Lindsay, Assistant Vice Provost for Assessment—University of Missouri-Kansas City

CS 4: Aligning Assessment and Intentional Learning via Syllabus Design and Evidence-Based Reflection (pdf) 
Barbara G. Hornum, Director, Drexel Center for Academic Excellence and Associate Professor, Anthropology, and Stephen DiPietro, Associate Vice Provost, University Assessment Operations—both of Drexel University

CS 8: Managing Distrust: Using Intentional Disruption to Engage Faculty in Assessment (pdf) 
Daniel Bernstein, Director of the Center for Teaching Excellence, Ying Xiong, Documenting Learning Specialist—both of the University of Kansas; and Nancy Mitchell, Director of Undergraduate Education Programs—University of Nebraska-Lincoln

CS 13: Norming: A Process to Engage Collectively in Evidence-Based Discussions about Student Learning (pdf) 
Neil Pagano, Associate Dean, School of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Jonathan Keiser, Executive Director of Academic Development, and Royal Dawson, Assistant Vice-President of Institutional Research—all of Columbia College Chicago

CS 14: Taking On the Sophomore Slump: Intentional Learning through Campus Collaboration (pdf) 
Annette Sisson, Professor of English, and Alison Moore, Director of General Education—both of Belmont University

CS 18: Engaging Students in Assessment of General Education Goals: From Guided Inquiry and Analysis to Improvement (pdf) 
Lori Collins-Hall, Professor of Sociology—Hartwick College; and Laura Palucki Blake, Assistant Director, Cooperative Institutional Research Program—University of California-Los Angeles

CS 19: HEDs Up: Interventions for Student Success (pdf)
Open Campus: Opening the Book on Open‐Sourcing Developmental Education 
Allison Martin, Director of Institutional Effectiveness Initiatives, and Russell Johnson, Support Technician, Educational Technology—both of Bossier Parish Community College

CS 22: Using e-Portfolios for General Education Assessment at Linfield College (ppt) 
Martha VanCleave, Interim Director of Division of Continuing Education and Professor of Mathematics—Linfield College

CS 23: Is Your Rubric Getting in the Way? Strategies for Developing and Analyzing Rubrics (ppt) 
Eric Haas, Professor of Psychology—Scottsdale Community College

CS 26: Assessing General Education Outcomes within Course Certification: Creating Conversations about Learning (pdf) 
Joan Hawthorne, Director of Assessment and Accreditation, Anne Kelsch, Director of the Office of Instructional Development, and Thomas Steen, Director of Essential Studies—all of the University of North Dakota

CS 29: HEDs Up: Innovations for Learning 
Science Is a Foreign Language: Flipping the Content Delivery Model to Stimulate Fluency (pdf)
Bridget G. Trogden, Associate Professor of Chemistry and Director of First-Year Integrative Studies—Mercer University

CS 33: Students as Scholars: Intentional Learning through Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities (pdf)
Stephanie Hazel, Associate Director, Office of Institutional Assessment, andJanette Muir, Associate Provost for Undergraduate Education—both of George Mason University

CS 35: Three Assignments That Use Easily Available Technology to Promote Intentional Learning and Big Questions Inquiry (pdf) 
Julie Sexeny, Assistant Professor of Film, and Christine Sorrell Dinkins, Chair, Department of Philosophy—both of Wofford College

CS 37: HEDs Up: Legislative Mandates 
Revising the General Education Curriculum and Its Assessment in Response to Indiana Legislation (ppt) 
Markus Pomper, Chair, Department of Mathematics, Mary Blakefield, Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Support Programs, and Katherine Frank, Dean of Humanities and Social Sciences—all of Indiana University East

CS 38: Pathways to Transforming Online General Education Learning and Teaching (link to Prezi)
Janelle D. Voegele, Interim Director of Teaching, Learning, and Assessment,Rowanna Carpenter, Assessment Coordinator, and Johannes DeGruyter, Interim Director of Pedagogy and Platform—all of Portland State University

CS 40: Clear Vision in Murky Waters: Using Gap Analysis to Enhance an Institutional Culture of Assessment (pdf) 
Carol G. Henderson, Associate Provost—Ithaca College

CS 42: Crowdsourcing Innovative Practices for Assessing Integrative Learning at Large Research Institutions (ppt) 
Nancy Mitchell, Director of Undergraduate Education Programs, and Amy Goodburn, Associate Vice Chancellor, Academic Affairs—both of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln; and Mo Noonan Bischof, Assistant Vice Provost—University of Wisconsin-Madison

CS 43: Cultivating Self-Directed Learners by Design (pdf) 
Kathryn Nantz, Professor of Economics, and Suzanna Klaf, Associate Director, Center for Academic Excellence—both of Fairfield University

CS 44: Creating a Culture of Assessment (pdf) 
Laura Rogers, Senior Lecturer of Education, Harry Bernheim, Associate Professor of Biology and Chair of the Learning Outcomes and Assessment Committee, and Sarah J. Herchel, Special Assistant, Curriculum and Program Analysis—all of Tufts University

Poster 16: Using Social Homework to Teach Teamwork in STEM (pdf)
Zvonko Hlousek, Professor of Physics and Astronomy—California State University‐Long Beach

Poster 22: Vertical Integration Matrices: Mapping LEAP Essential Learning Outcomes in the Core Curriculum (pdf)
Todd Onderdonk, Associate Professor of University Programs—St. Edward's University

Poster 23: Revision Redesigned: An Accelerated and Collaborative Approach to Curricular Design (pdf)
Lisa Jasinski, Special Projects Coordinator, Academic Affairs, and Mark Brodl, Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs (Budget and Research)—both of Trinity University

Poster 25: Gathering Around the Table: Creating Campus-Wide Dialogue to Reform General Education (pdf) 
Kevin Graham, Associate Professor of Philosophy, and Holly Ann Harris, Associate Dean of Arts and Sciences—both of Creighton University

Poster 28: Engaging in Transformative Practices: The Peer Review of Teaching Initiative (pdf) 
Patricia Calderwood, Director of the Center for Academic Excellence and Professor of Educational Studies and Teacher Preparation, and Suzanna Klaf, Associate Director of the Center for Academic Excellence—both of Fairfield University