Workshop 4: E-Portfolios as Tools for Advising and Intentional Learning

Thursday March 27, 2014 2:00pm to 5:00pm

For e-portfolios to be an effective tool for student learning, they must be embraced by students, faculty, and staff. This workshop will address how to develop an e-portfolio system that is tailored to a specific institutional mission, facilitates student engagement and learning, and is endorsed by all stakeholders. Participants will examine an e-portfolio system designed to help students think carefully and intentionally about their educational choices, including not only their courses and major but also their cocurricular and community involvement. The architecture of the portfolio system encourages students to develop a four-year intentional educational plan, maintain a living resume, interact with faculty on writing and research projects, and engage in reflection on their educational experiences. While the underlying structure is fixed, students have the freedom to shape the portfolio through the content. Workshop facilitators will discuss effective strategies for, and challenges to, implementation and assessment.

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Henry Kreuzman
Dean for Curriculum and Academic Engagement
The College of Wooster
Alison Schmidt
Associate Dean for Academic Advising and Professor of Education
The College of Wooster