Workshop 3: Educators as Boundary-Spanning Excellence Facilitators: Activating and Supporting Student Success

Wednesday February 19, 2014 10:15am

Campus practitioners increase prospects for operating at their educator/facilitator best when they intentionally embrace a contextually responsive approach. Engaging contexts is foundational for appropriate and effective communications and social relations—the twin criteria for intercultural competence. Participants will explore who they are as educators, what they bring to their work (their lenses, filters, frames, and sociopolitical locations), and how they engage relevant attributes to activate and support student success. Participants will enhance their understandings of self as educator and ways to mindfully embrace a lifelong development journey that helps students do their best learning, best engaging, and best work. And they will learn about a holistic framework for this work while simultaneously calibrating and cultivating self as a responsive instrument.

Hazel Symonette
Program Development and Assessment Specialist
University of Wisconsin-Madison