Centennial Symposium Readings

Centennial Symposium participants can find background materials for their review and reference here. 

  • An overview letter introducing the topic and themes that we will explore in the Symposium and across AAC&U's Centennial Year
  • An Introduction to LEAP, a brief overview of AAC&U's signature initiative, which provides the guiding framework for the Symposium
  • A summary data sheet synthesizing national evidence about students' achievement related to widely shared goals for college learning
  • The Quality Imperative, an AAC&U Board of Directors statement on the need to prioritize improving the quality of student learning
  • "The Proof is the the Portfolio," a short article on educational practices that successfully foster the most important competencies or learning outcomes students need
  • Dancing with Robots, which explores the influence of technology on work, and the implications of the digital revolution for student learning and competency

We hope you will find these materials helpful as you prepare for the Symposium.