Opening Plenary

Opening Plenary
Thursday January 22, 2015 8:30am to 10:15am

AMERICA'S CHALLENGE: As China Rises and Democracy Falters, How Will We Thrive?


THE LEAP CHALLENGEPreparing College Students—Privileged and Not—to Create Solutions for Our Future


Eric Liu
Founder and CEO
Citizen University

Eric Liu is founder and CEO of Citizen University, and author of A Chinaman's Chance, about being Chinese American in this age of China and America.  His other books include The Accidental Asian, a New York Times Notable Book; Guiding Lights, the official book of National Mentoring Month; and The Gardens of Democracy (coauthored with Nick Hanauer).  A graduate of Yale and Harvard Law School, he is a correspondent for the Atlantic and a columnist for  He will explore the learning we need if America is to flourish.

Carol Geary Schneider

Carol Geary Schneider, President of AAC&U since 1998, is a longtime leader in connecting liberal education with underserved students’ hopes for a better future.  With hundreds of institutions in the U.S. and abroad now actively investing in Liberal Education and America’s Promise (LEAP), she will outline the next era of LEAP work to help students take charge, not just of their own fortunes, but of the problems we need to solve—in our neighborhoods and with the wider world.