Closing Plenary

Innovation, Creativity, and the Equity Imperative

Closing Plenary
Saturday January 24, 2015 10:00am to 11:00am

Higher education too often seems to be holding two conversations, separate and unequal.  The first focuses on expansive learning to help us shape a better future, the second is all about training for the jobs of today, with little attention to the economy of tomorrow. Yet economic prosperity, democratic vitality, and global progress all depend on preparing students to find solutions to the world’s urgent challenges and problems—economic, ethical, political, intercultural, and environmental. 

The Final Plenary will focus our attention on the work AAC&U intends to emphasize throughout this Centennial year—The Equity Imperative—recognizing that we need to face and reverse the deepening divides both in our society and even in educational access to opportunity.  Through this lens, the plenary will explore both “what works” and how to advance what works in order to better prepare today’s diverse students for a world of global interconnection—in the economy, society, and their own lives.

Freeman Hrabowski
The University of Maryland, Baltimore County