Liberal Education, Global Flourishing, and the Equity Imperative: The Deans' Perspective


ACAD’s Annual Meeting program will feature sessions that academic administrators will find useful, challenging, and enriching. ACAD sessions are known for their emphasis on practice and the use of interactive methods of presentation, and are open to all meeting attendees. 



Wednesday, January 21, 8:45 a.m.–4:30 p.m.

The Deans’ Institute provides an opportunity for academic administrators to develop their leadership abilities in a supportive environment.  It is designed especially for deans, provosts, associate deans, associate provosts, and other academic leaders above the rank of department head.

The featured plenary speaker for the day is William Craft, President of Concordia College.  Dr. Craft’s presentation—“The Glad Surprise of Deaning:  What I thought My Job Would Be and What It Became”—takes a look at how one defines success in deaning and what you may think makes you a good dean may not predict what you, in fact, will do, or should do in the place you are called to work.  

A full Institute program can be found by visiting the ACAD website at

The goals of the day-long institute are: 

  • Advancing the leadership abilities of deans and academic administrators
  • Sharing valuable information about the current state of the deanship
  • Providing updates on important developments in the world of higher education
  • Creating networking opportunities

The ACAD Institute is sponsored by Pearson.



A Global Perspective: Training the Next Generation of International Leaders
Friday, January 23, 11:45 a.m.

Evan Ryan, Assistant Secretary of State for Educational and Cultural Affairs, U.S. Department of State

Evan Ryan

The ACAD Keynote Luncheon is sponsored by Dean and Provost

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Saturday, January 24, 2:00–5:00 p.m.

  • Contemporary Stressors, Shared Governance, and the Academic Dean
  • Succeeding in the Search Process

Full descriptions of the ACAD workshops are available here.




10:45 am–12:15 pm

Integrated Career and Success Initiatives: Three Deans’ Perspectives on Vocation, Equity, and Impact 
Many institutions are investing significant resources in integrated success/career centers to ensure that all students complete undergraduate programs well-equipped to pursue careers or graduate education. This session will explore the design and implementation of centers in three institutions, with a focus on mission, equity and impact. Participants will explore lessons learned in the design process, evaluation of impact on student success, and implementation strategies for their own institutions.

Susan S. Hasseler, Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of the College, Augustana College (SD);  Debbie Cottrell, Vice President for Academic Affairs, Texas Lutheran University; Pareena Lawrence, Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of the College, Augustana College (IL) 


2:00–3:00 pm

Walking the Talk: Creating a Strategic Plan for Global Engagement
While many institutions strive to internationalize their academic programs and foster "global citizenship," few establish a formal, strategic blueprint for achieving these goals. In this interactive session participants will start creating a strategic plan for internationalization by defining objectives, determining high-value opportunities, outlining a strategy, and identifying resources that will prepare their students for global participation and responsibility.
Karen Kashmanian Oates, Peterson Family Dean of Arts and Sciences, Worcester Polytechnic Institute; Mel Schiavelli, Executive Vice President, Academic and Student Services, Northern Virginia Community College; Felix Moesner, Consul, CEO, Swissnex Boston


3:15–4:15 pm

Building Systems to Support High Impact Practices
As institutions develop and implement programs that embrace high impact practices many of the traditional policies and procedures at the university present challenges and obstacles.  This presentation will present, discuss and assist university deans to recognize and develop systems that support these practices.  Examples from a diverse university will be provided to assist with this discussion.

Kimberly Bogle Jubinville, Associate Dean, School of Business, Jane Yerrington, Assistant Dean, Office of the Provost, and Julia Lee, Associate Director Institutional Research & Academic Technology, all from Southern New Hampshire University; Alyssa Czarnecki-Duplissie, Associate Director, Graduate Athletic Administration, Endicott College


4:30–5:45 pm

Women Leading From the Middle: The Work of Female Associate Deans Implementing Global University Initiatives 
More frequently, women in academe are assuming top and middle leadership roles. What do we know about the roles of those in the middle?  In this presentation, women in associate dean roles across a comprehensive university will share how “leading in the middle “supports university-wide transformative initiatives and the challenges and opportunities inherent in such a role. 

Maggie M. Kyger, Associate Dean, College of Education, Jessica Adolino, Associate Dean, College of Arts and Letters and Kim Foreman, Associate Dean, College of Business,  all from James Madison University; Peggy Shaeffer, Special Assistant to the Dean, Darden College of Education, Old Dominion University



7:00–8:30 am

ACAD Members Breakfast and Business Meeting (additional fee)


10:30–11:45 am

A Web Resource to Promote Sabbatical Visitation Opportunities across Institutions
Institutions often struggle to hire part-time faculty members to teach one or two courses to cover curricular gaps.  At the same time, faculty members often look for fresh environments to carry out their sabbatical projects.  We present a web resource that facilitates matches between institutions that want to cover curricular gaps, and faculty members who are looking for sabbatical hosts. 

Larry Stimpert, Vice President of Academic Affairs, and Carrie Klaus, Dean of the Faculty, both from DePauw University; Sandra Wong, Dean of the Faculty/Dean of the College, Colorado College; Terri L. Bonebright, Executive Vice President of Academic Affairs and Provost, Hendrix College


12:00–1:15 pm  (doors open at 11:45 am)

ACAD Keynote Luncheon
A Global Perspective: Training the Next Generation of International Leaders

Evan Ryan, Assistant Secretary of State for Educational and Cultural Affairs

(The ACAD Luncheon is sponsored by Dean and Provost)


1:30–2:30 pm

Building Bridges: Shared Vision for Student Success
This session will allow participants to learn about and discuss specific strategies that Deans and other administrators can use to build shared vision and shared goals across multiple academic divisions. Presenters will share experiences and examples where modeling collaborative process has directly impacted curricular development, shared pedagogy across divisions and faculty engaging together with students at the center.  Interactive activities will allow participants to apply concepts to their own institutions.

Kristen M. Fragnoli, Provost and Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs,  Finger Lakes Community College;  Kate Smith, Dean of Academic Foundations Monroe Community College


2:45–4:00 pm

Assistant/Associate Deans—Agents of Liberal Education 
Associate Deans promote liberal education by managing initiatives from proposal to implementation to assessment.  In this work, they often experience challenges that draw on different skills than their previous positions required.  This interactive session will explore case studies on working with faculty, data, structures, and career planning. This is a networking and development opportunity for new and veteran Assistant/Associate Deans.

James M. Sloat, Assistant Provost, Colby College; Sheryl Culotta, Associate Provost, Wesleyan University; Sonia Cardenas, Associate Academic Dean, Trinity College; Kirk Read, Associate Dean, Bates College


4:15–5:30 pm

The Teaching Dean: Joys and Challenges of Directly Engaging in Students’ Education
For many deans, the years spent in the classroom are the most rewarding of their academic career. Once they step onto the administrative stage, that same sense of reward can be difficult to attain. After all, teaching is a calling for many academics and the same cannot be said for all levels of higher education administration. Thus, many deans continue to teach as a way to hold on to this aspect of their professional lives and identities.  This panel offers four different perspectives on how to balance the reward of teaching with the task of administrating.

Ivan Fuller, Associate Dean of the School of Fine & Performing Arts, Rider University;  Robert Gregerson, Dean of Arts and Sciences, Florida Gulf Coast University;  Michelle Loris, Associate Dean, College of Arts and Sciences, Sacred Heart University; Jonathan Millen, Associate Dean of the College of Liberal Arts, Education and Sciences, Rider University


5:30–7:00 pm


Hosted jointly by ACAD and the Phi Beta Kappa Society


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