Flipping the Session: 2014 Annual Meeting

The following presentations are “flipped sessions” with required readings and resources, as noted. This is a new format for AAC&U’s Annual Meeting, and we hope the advance readings will generate rich discussions and participant exchange.;

See below (or click on a session of interest) for a full description and links to the readings. These links will also be included on the Annual Meeting mobile app for easy reference on-site.

#flippedfailure: Designing "Unsettled" Learning Spaces Beyond the Flipped Classroom

The Challenges and Opportunities of Competency-Based Education:  Are We Swimming Upstream or Moving Toward a Sea Change in Higher Education?

The Coming Transformation of Liberal Arts Education: Preparing to Succeed in a New World

Spawning Faculty Innovation on Your Campus
Barriers and Breakthroughs

Using ePortfolios to Support Academic Advising
Developmental Perspectives from Three Institutions

Cultural Intelligence Leadership Elements in developing STEM-Liberal Arts Learning Communities

Educating Globally Competent Citizens:
AASCU's Alternative to the MOOC