Mark Kingwell Biography

mk.jpgMark Kingwell is Professor of Philosophy at the University of Toronto and a contributing editor of Harper’s Magazine in New York. He is the author or co-author of eighteen books of political, cultural and aesthetic theory, including the national bestsellers Better Living (1998), The World We Want (2000), Concrete Reveries (2008), and Glenn Gould (2009). In addition to many scholarly articles, his writing on politics, art, architecture and technology has appeared in more than 40 mainstream magazines and newspapers. His most recent books are the linked essay collections Unruly Voices (2012) and Measure Yourself Against the Earth (2015), and a study of sports and error, Fail Better (2017). Works in progress include a monograph on the future of work (2018), and philosophical studies of boredom (2019) and risk (2020).