Photo on Liberal Education cover of film student at Georgia State University using a virtual reality headset.

Winter 2022

A Window to the World: Virtual reality and global learning

VOL. 108 NO. 1

  • Feature

A Window to the World

Virtual reality offers new possibilities for global learning

By B. Denise Hawkins
  • President's Note

Expansive Inclusivity

AAC&U’s new name and refreshed branding reflect its global outreach and commitment to inclusion

By Lynn Pasquerella
  • Feature

Pieces of the Puzzle

The importance of shared governance

By Jolie A. Sheffer, Lisa K. Hanasono, Charles Kanwischer, W. John Koolage, Mary-Jon Ludy, Laura Landry-Meyer, Ekaterina I. Noyes, M. Elise Radina, and Jerry Schnepp
  • Feature

Make It Relevant

Why we need to bring science policy into biology courses

By Karen F. Greif
  • Research Corner

Open Books, Open Minds

Open educational resources improve student retention and success and help level the academic playing field

  • Feature

Neurodiversity Is Diversity

How educators can support students who learn differently

By Solvegi Shmulsky
  • Perspective

Habits of Mind

Moral considerations are imperative for shaping students’ sense of responsible citizenship

By Jonathan Jacobs
  • Advice

Anchors of Democracy

Three lessons for how community colleges can strengthen students, families, communities, and society

By Robert L. Pura and Tara L. Parker
Photo of students sitting on grass in discussion at Community College of Aurora