Summer 2021

Deep Roots: A strong mentoring program can keep faculty long term

VOL. 107 NO. 3

  • Feature

Staying Power

Make sure mentoring for new faculty has lasting effects

By Katherine Gantz
  • President's Note

The Whitewashing of History

To educate for democracy, we must take our messages beyond the academy

By Lynn Pasquerella
  • Feature

Putting Out the Fire

Common reading programs as flash points in campus culture wars

By Martha McCaughey
  • Feature

‘Treat Extremism Like It Is a Virus’

A conversation with Cynthia Miller-Idriss on inoculating students—and everyone—against hate and disinformation

By Emily Schuster
  • Student Voice

Doctor without Borders

Global learning enriches all fields of higher education

By Alejandro M. Perez
  • Reflections

Book Smart

What book has inspired your teaching?