Liberal Education, Spring, 2019

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2019 Annual Meeting—Raising Our Voices: Reclaiming the Narrative on the Value of Higher Education

This issue highlights sessions from AAC&U’s 2019 annual meeting, “Raising Our Voices: Reclaiming the Narrative on the Value of Higher Education.” As discussed throughout the annual meeting, higher education institutions need to better demonstrate and communicate their value, in general, and the importance of a liberal education, in particular. This issue’s authors further that discussion. Cathy N. Davidson calls for fundamentally changing the way we view higher education’s purpose, Farah Pandith points to the role of colleges and universities in ensuring more women participate in policy making, and Mays Imad presses for making STEM classes more holistic and creative. Ann Kowal Smith describes a program that facilitates literature discussions in workplaces. Frederick M. Lawrence explains why institutions must engage in nonpartisan, mission-based advocacy, with William T. Bolling offering advice on communicating with lawmakers. Raynard S. Kington talks about fostering cooperative approaches to campus activism. And Lily D. McNair looks at creating real change around diversity and inclusion. 

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