Liberal Education, Summer 2003

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Cognition and Student Learning

Features articles on how college students learn how to advance their intellectual and ethical development. The issue also includes perspectives on the "geoethics of citizenship," program assessment at the U.S. Air Force Academy, and remarks on the value of liberal education by Alan Greenspan.

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President's Message
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By Bridget Puzon

Featured Topic

By Jack Meacham
The level of student intellectual development provides a key to making course planning more effective for facilitating learning

By L. Lee Knefelkamp
William Perry’s work was seminal and has continued to influence research on college students’ intellectual and ethical development. His theory has been extended and accommodates new cultural perspectives and values affecting contemporary student populations.

By Deanna Kuhn
At every stage of student learning, the intellectual activities that students undertake should be chosen to reveal the study’s intrinsic worth. That value motivates and enables the learner to freely engage in an endeavor recognized as worthwhile.

By Marc Schwartz and Kurt Fischer
The capacity for abstract reasoning can emerge through students’ coordinating levels of understanding through time, experience, and appropriate challenge

By David Moshman
Intellectual development is facilitated by constructive processes of reflection, coordination, and social interaction. These require an environment of free exchange of various ideas and perspectives.

Greater Expectations

By Barbara J. Millis, James K. Lowe, and Anthony J. Aretz
Whether at the institutional, departmental, or course level, assessment programs are aligned with the mission, goals, and values of the Academy. A variety of measures involving an array of individuals inside and outside the institution enables decision making to achieve educational quality.


By Eve Walsh Stoddard and Grant H. Cornwell
To be a patriotic American is to be cosmopolitan, i.e., a citizen of the world. What is proposed is a methodology designed to develop the skills and capacities needed for the knowledge and responsibility of citizens.

By Alan Greenspan

My View

By Nicholas H. Farnham
A summer seminar for college and university leaders offers a re-immersion in the liberal arts, a professional experience suited to their intellectual renewal. The Educational Leadership Program has a track record that demonstrates its effectiveness.

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