2016 LEAP States Summit: Resources

Teams of educators and leaders from twenty states, state systems, and consortia gathered in Milwaukee for the third LEAP States Summit on Sept 13–15, 2016. The summit invited participants to connect quality of student learning with equity in student learning outcomes and to grapple with challenges to liberal education and inclusive excellence at the systems level. Resources from that event are available below.

Quality, Equity, and Student Success: Using LEAP to Make Excellence Inclusive in State Systems and Consortia (Tuesday plenary by Tia McNair)

Balancing the Quality/Completion/Equity Agendas—in Policy and Practice (Wednesday plenary moderated by Debra Humphreys)

Faculty Leadership for Student Success - States, Systems and Consortia (Wednesday concurrent session 9:45-11:00am by Susan Albertine and Rebecca Karoff)

LEAP "Ted Talk" Plenary Session Slides (Wednesday Plenary 1:30-2:00pm by Ken O'Donnell and Kate McConnell)

Communicating Beyond the Choir: Developing Intra-Campus, Inter-Campus, and Inter-Institutional Communication Strategies (Wednesday concurrent session 3:45-5:15pm by Kathy Johnson and Loraine Phillips)

Engaging and Growing Faculty Leadership to Advance Systematic Reform (Wednesday concurrent session 3:45-5:15pm by Dan McInerney & Michael Zimmerman)

LEAPing for Student Success at UW-Whitewater

LEAP States Visuals

Each state or consortium has its own vision for and approach to working with LEAP.

Open Mic Questions - Wednesday

  • What does systemic reform to improve the quality of undergraduate education mean to you, as an equity-minded practitioner?>
  • What strategies would you recommend to improve quality of undergraduate education in your institution, system, or consortium, as an equity-minded practitioner?
  • What does cultural competency mean to you, as an equity-minded practitioner?
  • How can systems, states, and consortia support inclusive, culturally responsive
    • Curriculum
    • Assignment Design
    • Assessment