LEAP State: Michigan

LEAP Michigan



Member Organization(s): Public four-year institutions in Michigan, Michigan Focus on Essential Learning Outcomes (MIFELO), and Michigan Association of State Universities (MASU).

Year Joined: 2015

LEAP State Mission: The members of the Michigan Focus on Essential Learning Outcomes (MIFELO) Steering Committee acknowledge that the goals of a well-rounded education include the advancement of:

  • knowledge of human cultures and the physical and natural world;
  • intellectual and practical skills such as critical thinking and quantitative literacy;
  • personal and social responsibility; and
  • integrative and applied learning.

Engagement Strategies:

The Michigan LEAP effort currently has support from all of the state’s public four-year institutions. The Michigan Focus on Essential Learning Outcomes (MIFELO) steering committee will provide oversight for this initiative. This group is composed of administrators responsible for general education and/or learning outcomes assessment at the member institutions and will be responsible for engaging faculty, students, parents, legislators and business leaders in dialogues on critical issues facing students at our institutions. This steering committee will meet quarterly, elect a chair, vice-chair and recording secretary to facilitate the meetings. Subcommittees of the steering committee, responsible for specific programming, may meet more regularly if the need arises.

Centralized assistance with the state’s LEAP initiative will be provided by the Michigan Association of State Universities (MASU) (formerly known as the Presidents Council, State Universities of Michigan). The Association serves as the coordinating board for the state’s public universities, providing advocacy and fostering policy to maximize the collective value these institutions provide in serving the public interest and the state of Michigan. The Association will provide communications facilitation, convening coordination, and as appropriate, assistance with program development in carrying out the state’s LEAP agenda.

Thanks to the efforts of Oakland University, the state has held a statewide conference focused on institutional best practices in support of liberal education for the past three consecutive years. This conference has been very well attended with nationally recognized guest speakers. The MIFELO steering committee will build on this established model, using it to bring the institutions in the state together, and create opportunities for action on topics of importance for the Michigan LEAP Initiative.

Planned Areas for Action:

  • Continuance of statewide discussions about best practices at member institutions with regard to assessment of general education (closing the loop), the use of high impact practices and value rubrics, and strategies to facilitate integrative learning.
  • Development of a statewide communication plan to convey the value of the knowledge, attitudes and skills developed through an integrated general education program to students, parents, legislators and employers.
  • Sharing data and making recommendations on how all member institutions can increase the success of underserved groups. This is vital to our success as a state and a nation.

Participating Institutions:

  • Central Michigan University
  • Eastern Michigan University 
  • Ferris State University
  • Grand Valley State University
  • Lake Superior State University
  • Michigan State University
  • Michigan Technological University
  • Northern Michigan University
  • Oakland University
  • Saginaw Valley State University
  • University of Michigan
  • University of Michigan—Dearborn
  • University of Michigan—Flint
  • Wayne State University
  • Western Michigan University

Contacts: Daniel J. Hurley, Chief Executive Officer, Michigan Association of State Universities, dhurley@masu.org; David Reinhold, Associate Provost for Assessment and Undergraduate Studies, Western Michigan University, david.reinhold@wmich.edu

For more information, contact Eddie Watson, Associate Vice President for Quality, Advocacy, and LEAP Initiatives, at watson@aacu.org