LEAP State: Indiana

LEAP IndianaMember Organization(s): Indiana Commission for Higher Education, public and independent Indiana institutions

Year Joined: 2013

Website: www.leapindiana.org

LEAP State Mission: Indiana's Commission for Higher Education became a LEAP State in order to join and collaborate with a national network of states and consortia all working to advance undergraduate completion and the attainment of learning outcomes that prepare all students for good citizenship, employment, and a lifetime of independent learning.

Featured Engagement Strategy: LEAP Indiana launched its first annual conference in 2016, bringing together diverse faculties from institutions around the state to nurture innovation and leadership rooted in AAC&U proficiencies. Drawing from their own experiences, faculty presented on topics ranging from challenging business students to market the consumption of insects, to encouraging failure as a pathway to learning in a statistics class, to reaffirming the use of tactile learning (old-fashioned cutting and pasting) in an art history course, to using electronic games to teach operations management. A full list of PowerPoint presentations from each session can be found here

The second annual LEAP Indiana conference will be held in Indianapolis on April 7, 2017, and feature keynote speakers Mary-Ann Winkelmes, Coordinator of Instructional Development and Research at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, and AAC&U president Lynn Pasquerella.

Contact: Ken Sauer, Senior Associate Commissioner and Chief Academic Officer, ksauer@che.in.gov
William J. McKinney, Ph.D., Senior Advisor for Regional Campus Affairs, Indiana University, wjmckinn@iu.edu

Other Featured Initiatives:

  • LEAP Indiana’s Steering Committee is developing an online innovation hub to help build and sustain a network of faculty from all higher education institutions across the state of Indiana who share a commitment to quality and equity in undergraduate learning.
  • After intensive LEAP-related work in the Quality Collaboratives initiative, the Commission and leaders at IUPUI and Ivy Tech worked together to sponsor a statewide Signature Assignment Workshop in 2014 that brought together more than 150 individuals from institutions across the state.  Faculty, academic affairs administrators, student affairs professionals and assessment experts all worked together to design concrete assignments and assessments based on LEAP principles.
  • The Indiana Commission on Higher Education, in partnership with state legislators, was able to use the LEAP framework and learning from the Quality Collaboratives (2011-2014) to define the state's new 30 semester-hour, transfer core legislation to focus on students' Essential Learning Outcomes and to stimulate robust faculty collaboration around learning outcome assessment.

For more information, contact Eddie Watson, Associate Vice President for Quality, Advocacy, and LEAP Initiatives, at watson@aacu.org