National Leadership Council

As part of Liberal Education and America’s Promise, AAC&U formed the National Leadership Council (NLC) in 2006.  It is comprised of educational, business, community, and policy leaders who exercise strong leadership for liberal education in their own spheres of influence and advocate for an empowering, inclusive, and public-spirited liberal education for all students.

NLC LEAP Reports Available

See High-Impact Educational Practices: What They Are, Who Has Access to Them, and Why They Matter, the latest report from AAC&U's LEAP initiative. This publication defines a set of educational practices that research has demonstrated have a significant impact on student success. Author George Kuh presents data from the National Survey of Student Engagement about these practices and explains why they benefit all students, but also seem to benefit underserved students even more than their more-advantaged peers.

Read College Learning for the New Global Century (pdf), a report from the LEAP National Leadership Council, identifies the essential aims, learning outcomes, and guiding principles for a 21st century college education. Download full report, or purchase printed copies.

Also see results of national polls of business leaders and recent graduates and examples of LEAP Principles of Excellence in Practice.

Members of the National Leadership Council:

Dr. Julie Anding
Senior Director, Talent and Learning
Harley-Davidson Motor Company

Derek Bok
President Emeritus
Harvard University

Mark Bradley
Ruder Ware LLSC

Anthony P. Carnevale
Research Professor and Director
Georgetown Center on Education and the Workforce

John Casteen
President Emeritus
University of Virginia

Michelle Asha Cooper
Institute for Higher Education Policy

Ronald A. Crutcher, Chair
University of Richmond

Andy Delbanco
Julian Clarence Levi Professor in the Humanities
Columbia University

Troy Duster
Director, Institute for the History of the Production
of Knowledge, New York University

Judith Eaton
Council for Higher Education Accreditation

James Gentile
Dean for Natural and Applied Sciences
Hope College

Gina Glantz
Fellow, Institute on Politics
Harvard University

Freeman A. Hrabowski, III
University of Maryland Baltimore County

Sylvia Hurtado
Director, Higher Education Research Institute
University of California, Los Angeles

Wayne C. Johnson
Director of Innovation Partnerships
Mass Insight Global Partnerships

Roberts T. Jones
Education & Workforce Policy, LLC

George D. Kuh
Chancellor's Professor Emeritus of Higher Education
Indiana University Center for Postsecondary Research

Barbara Lawton
Former Lieutenant Governor
State of Wisconsin

Eric Liu
Co- Founder
The True Patriot Network

David Maxwell
President Emeritus
Drake University

Gail Mellow
LaGuardia Community College-City University of New York

Brian Murphy
De Anza College

Azar Nafisi
Visiting Fellow, Foreign Policy Institute
Johns Hopkins University

Martha Nussbaum
Ernst Freund Distinguished Service Professor of Law and Ethics
The University of Chicago

Eduardo Padrón
Miami Dade College

Keith J. Peden
Former Senior Vice President of Human Resources
Raytheon Company

Christi M. Pedra
Senior Vice President, Marketing, Pharmaceutical Distribution
Cardinal Health

Sally E. Pingree
Charles Engelhard Foundation

Lee S. Shulman
President Emeritus
The Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching

Robert Sternberg
Professor of Human Development
Cornell University

Mark Zandi
Chief Economist
Moody's Analytics

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