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Testing Equity-Minded Models to Improve Student Outcomes

AAC&U’s newly funded LEAP project, Committing to Equity and Inclusive Excellence: Campus-Based Strategies for Student Success, will utilize evidence-based practices, implementation strategies, and principles that emerged from multiple LEAP projects, including General Education Maps and Markers, Developing a Community College Student Roadmap, and a prior publication, Assessing High-Impact Learning for Underserved Students. Participating campuses will design, implement, and assess measurable campus action plans that can serve as replicable, equity-focused models for improving student learning and success. Campus action plans will include the development and implementation of guided learning pathways that incorporate high-impact practices and increased levels of intentionality to ensure that students are aware of learning goals at each step in their educational journeys and how their educational experiences are preparing them for future success.

This project is supported as part of USA Funds' focus on “Completion With a Purpose” to enhance student success in college and career. Lorenzo L. Esters, senior program director for National Engagement and Philanthropy at USA Funds, recently blogged about the project.  He writes that while students of color make up an increasing proportion of high school graduates, these groups have traditionally had lower college retention and completion rates, and they may continue do so unless current practices change. “AAC&U’s Committing to Equity and Inclusive Excellence  initiative,” he notes, “has been carefully structured not only to identify campus-level programs that help close the achievement gap for low-income students, minorities and underserved student populations, but also to actively promote adoption of effective practices by postsecondary institutions nationwide.”

The full essay is available at USA Funds’ website.