The LEAP Challenge Blog

Introducing the LEAP Challenge Blog

As part of the LEAP Challenge, AAC&U’s initiative to make students’ Signature Work the expected standard of quality learning in college, AAC&U has a launched a new blog. The LEAP Challenge Blog features updates on AAC&U’s second century of work and highlights new developments in policy, campus practice, and research affecting our capacity to ensure the quality of student learning and extend the benefits of a liberal education to all students. The blog also features essays on the continued value of liberal learning by faculty, staff, and students from AAC&U’s member institutions; if you’re interested in contributing, please contact me at Whether you’re an occasional reader or a regular contributor, I hope that you’ll find the LEAP Challenge Blog to be an engaging source of information about AAC&U’s work and that of our member institutions.

Wilson Peden, senior writer and digital content editor, and editor of the LEAP Challenge Blog