LEAP Global Partners

AAC&U announces a new LEAP Global Partnership with the Asian Cooperative Program (ACP), a consortium of fourteen Southeast Asian universities and Kansai University of International Studies in Japan. ACP is a collaborative effort to share portions of general education across the partner institutions. The shared elements emphasize regional safety and security, seeking to improve the quality of education about serious regional problems: natural disasters such as earthquakes, violent weather, flooding, and tsunamis as well as crime prevention and public health. ACP member institutions collaborate to improve and develop general education core curricula, overseas programs, assessment of learning outcomes, and global research. With outcomes similar to those of the LEAP Challenge—getting students ready for a world of unscripted problems—ACP hopes to use AAC&U’s resources, including VALUE rubrics, to improve the quality of general education and assessment.

AAC&U's partnership with ACP grew out of its relationship with the Japan Association for College and University Education (JACUE).  In 2015, AAC&U made two international agreements, one with JACUE and one with the Core Curriculum Program, Qatar University. The partnerships intend to explore college learning—the meaning, aims, practices, and outcomes of general and liberal education in global context, in countries and regions beyond the United States.

Both agreements call for equal partnership and shared activities in years ahead.  Both agree to exchanges of information and to seek opportunities for cooperation. Both are interested in the learning and collaboration developed through LEAP. The memorandum of understanding with JACUE, signed January 22, 2015, asks both associations to work within their membership to exchange information and to explore the concept of a program similar to LEAP in Japan.  The memorandum of understanding with Qatar University, signed May 3, 2015, signals Qatar University's intention to form a center for general education serving the Middle East and North Africa.

Other Partnership News

In spring 2016 JACUE published a document titled "Management Tips for Quality Assurance." The document is available in both Japanese and English. The English text allows colleagues in the United States to review an array of general education models and practices currently being used in Japanese institutions. AAC&U and JACUE encourage colleagues in both countries to review the "Management Tips." Please address comments to either Dawn Whitehead, Vice President, Office of Global Citizenship for Campus, Community, and Careers, AAC&U, whitehead@aacu.org or Tomoko TORII, Ph.D. Professor, Institute of Teaching and Learning, Ritsumeikan University, JAPAN, torii@fc.ritsumei.ac.jp.

Contact information:

Dawn Whitehead 
Vice President, Office of Global Citizenship for Campus, Community, and Careers

Takanori Ginn Kitaoka 
Professor, Kansai University of International Studies

Dr. Rie Mori 
Associate Professor, National Institute for Academic Degrees and University Evaluation

Qatar University
Dr. Maha Al Hendawi
Director, Core Curriculum Program
Coordinator, Core Curriculum Council