Knowledge Exchange


AAC&U has made the difficult decision to postpone the 2020 Knowledge Exchange Institute until May 2021. We realize how disappointing this news is, especially as we all crave any semblance of normalcy. However, until AAC&U is able to reasonably guarantee the safety and wellbeing of its Institute participants, we have no other choice available to us. As we prepare to reschedule, we are keenly aware that the next academic year will usher in a new era where knowledge exchange – or the kind of cross-disciplinary communication and knowledge transfer needed for retaining our most vulnerable students – will be essential. And the time to prepare for it is now! Therefore, over the next few months, our leadership team, evaluation experts, and speakers will be working diligently to design and launch a virtual seminar series to accompany the face-to-face Institute being planned for next year.

For now, unless you indicate otherwise, we will retain your participant registration status as active. Please email if you have any questions. In the meantime, we ask that our participants please take good personal care – both physically and emotionally – of themselves and their loved ones. And be assured that each of us is doing the same.


Creating solutions to support the success of our undergraduate STEM students, particularly those who are academically talented and from low-income households, requires intentional exchange – through dialogue and discourse – between teaching and research communities. Any limit on our capacity to create space for this kind of intellectual activity, where practice and theory are equally matched, leads to significant knowledge gaps and missed opportunities to generate the kind of creative and daring approaches to broadening participation that can be implemented and sustained, with fidelity, across all institution types and teaching styles.

The AAC&U Knowledge Exchange is a multifaceted initiative that aims to narrow this gap by brokering the national convening power of AAC&U and its STEM Central web platform to: 1) provide uniquely-designed professional development opportunities for disciplinary STEM faculty, higher education theorists, and STEM education researchers to bi-directionally translate, transfer, blend, and classify broadening participation theories and practices into a system of successful interventions.

Our goal is to substantially accelerate STEM higher education reform by cultivating among STEM education research and disciplinary faculty: 1) common ways of knowing, understanding, and valuing undergraduate STEM teaching, education research, and evaluation; 2) a shared capacity for and competence in the measurement of quality undergraduate STEM teaching; and 3) a collective intelligence about and appreciation for grounding broadening participation interventions within a social justice framework.  

Knowledge Exchange Features 

Through its institutes, clinics, and studios, the AAC&U Knowledge Exchange provides a highly integrated hybrid of virtual and face-to-face interactions that can be leveraged to gain national momentum for reform and, ultimately, lead to the development of a national coalition of undergraduate STEM reformers who are committed to fostering interdisciplinary collaborations through a social justice lens that views the systems and structures of privilege within STEM higher education as its principal target for reform, not the marginalized students within them.

Several distinct features of the AAC&U Knowledge Exchange utilize the professional platforms of AAC&U and its Project Kaleidoscope to extend to its participants and thought leaders unique opportunities for professional development.

 The AAC&U STEM Central Knowledge Exchange project is generously funded by the National Science Foundation.