To Apply: One-Day Institute on Signature Work

Applications due January 31, 2018


Institute Campus Teams

The minimum team size is two people. We encourage teams to consider including department or program chairs, faculty, student affairs staff, assessment coordinators and/or key administrators. Composition of the team should reflect the current project or area of inquiry around signature work your institution is considering.


Application Components and Selection Criteria

Each team applying to the Institute should develop a clear and concise (maximum 250 words) narrative addressing the following components:

What has motivated a desire for additional action with regard to improving signature work on your campus? (For example: assessment results, new faculty and staff, data regarding equity concerns, research on student learning, etc.) At what stage are your current reform efforts related to signature work (initial conversations, evaluating existing curricula or outcomes, implementing or scaling up changes, assessing results of change, etc.)?


Applications will be judged on the extent to which the Institute can assist the applying institution with its project goals.


Applications due January 31, 2018

Notification of acceptance by February 14, 2018


Questions may be directed to Jasmine Epps at or 202-884-7429.

Application Form