2018 One-Day Institute on Signature Work

March 24, 2018
Boston University
725 Commonwealth Avenue
Boston, MA 02215

The 2018 One-Day New England Institute on Signature Work  is intended for local college and university teams interested in learning about initiatives to develop and sustain signature work opportunities at their home institutions. 

Featuring the work and expertise of eight New England Institutions that have been working on a variety of initiatives to promote signature work for integrative and applied learning, the institute will feature a wide range of topics around planning and implementing signature work such as: 

* the role of first year seminars 

*reimagined capstones 

* how to map pathways to signature work 

* discipline based approaches to signature work, 

*co-curricular connections

* authentic assessment of signature work,  

* ways for promoting student agency and reflection

*the importance of faculty development and leadership, 


In addition, each participating institution will be invited to bring their own curricular project to the institute to share and work on during the day. 


Who should apply:

Funded by the Davis Educational Foundation, this free one day institute hosted by AAC&U invites applicants to send teams of 2-3 to learn about signature work and take back ideas, resources and planning for how to promote signature work at their home institution. 


The minimum team size is two people. We encourage teams to consider including department or program chairs, faculty, student affairs staff, assessment coordinators and/or key administrators. Composition of the team should reflect the current project or area of inquiry around signature work your institution is considering.



There is no registration fee to attend the one day institute, thanks to the generous funding of the Davis Educational Foundation. This institute is part of AAC&U’s LEAP Challenge New England, to make signature work a goal for all students –and the expected standard for quality learning in college.  



Applications for the one day institute are due by January 31st, with notification of acceptance by February 14th.  


What is Signature Work: 

In Signature Work, a student uses his or her cumulative learning to pursue a significant project related to a problem she or he defines. In the project conducted throughout at least one semester, the student takes the lead and produces work that expresses insights and learning gained from the inquiry and demonstrates the skills and knowledge she or he has acquired. Faculty and mentors provide support and guidance.

Signature Work might be pursued in a capstone course or in research conducted across thematically linked courses, or in another field-based activity or internship. It might include practicums, community service, or other experiential learning. It always should include substantial writing, multiple kinds of reflection on learning, and visible results. 


For more information see http://www.aacu.org/sites/default/files/files/LEAP/LEAPChallengeBrochure.pdf