Interest in VALUE Institute Participation

The VALUE Institute 2020 FlyerThe VALUE Institute assessment results will provide actionable information about your students to enhance the learning environment at your institution while providing external validation of local campus learning assessment. The Institute also includes additional capacity building resources for faculty, institutions, and policy makers on how to use VALUE evidence to support student success and effective pedagogy, e.g. assignment design, or student engagement in High Impact Practices. Results can also strengthen existing programs—including transfer programs—to help students achieve and demonstrate key learning outcomes across guided learning pathways as part of general education or the majors. 

The following assessment and capacity building services will be available to institutions who choose to participate in the VALUE Institute:

If you are interested in learning more about the VALUE Institute timeline and process, but are not ready to formally register, please click the “VALUE Institute Interest Form” link to schedule an initial consultation.

AAC&U recommends that since many institutions use VALUE results for accountability reporting, that consulting the appropriate regional accreditation guidelines might help determine the best year for registration. 

Please visit the “VALUE Approach” page to learn more about the flexible, customizable, and generalizable features of the VALUE Institute approach to assessment.