Women in Leadership Institutes

Featured Keynote Panel

Wednesday, November 29, 2023 /

Presidential Voices: Leading with Longevity in Higher Education

Participants in both Women in Leadership Institutes are invited to join this keynote panel to examine the personal and professional conditions in which a leader can stay and flourish, hoping to answer the question: How do presidents thrive in their roles over time, and how can those considering a presidency build a path to leadership longevity with intention?

It’s not difficult to find stories of failed college and university presidencies. Books, articles, and local media outlets provide meticulous postmortems of brief leadership tenures; presidencies fraught with conflict, misalignment, shared governance issues, and moral failings. There are many presidents, though, who beat the odds of the national tenure average, leading campuses successfully for years through challenge and success alike.

During this panel discussion, participants will have an opportunity to examine an emerging framework for leading with longevity in higher education and hear from a panel of long-serving women leaders on their leadership experience and learning.


  • Beverly Hogan

    Beverly Hogan

    President Emerita, Tougaloo College

  • Carol Leary

    Carol Leary

    President Emerita, Bay Path University

  • Emma Jones

    Emma Jones

    Executive Vice President/Owner, Credo

  • Gail Mellow

    Gail Mellow

    President Emeritus, LaGuardia Community College of the City University of New York

  • Lynn Pasquerella

    Lynn Pasquerella

    President, AAC&U