2024-25 VE/COIL Institute

Curricular Framework

The AAC&U Institute on VE/COIL incorporates a proven method for utilizing VE/COIL modalities to foster transformation at the course and institutional levels. Comprised of two parallel online professional development courses, one custom designed for teaching faculty and instructional designers and the other for academic and international education administrators, the institute requires a commitment from both faculty and administrators to reflect on their relationship practices and to imagine new ways of approaching their work.

Working closely with multilingual and multicultural VE/COIL experts, participating institutional teams and their global counterparts both receive

  • modeling of blended (online and in-person) professional development using a digital collaboration platform;
  • customized mentored guidance throughout the codesign, implementation, and post-assessment phases of their VE/COIL course/program;
  • campus visits by VE/COIL experts to institutions leading up to their pilot VE/COIL implementation;
  • access to critical resources on sustainable, high-impact, digital teaching and learning programs and VE/COIL higher education partnerships;
  • facilitated online dialogue, collaboration, and peer-to-peer learning within an international cohort from a diverse range of participating institutions.