2024 Institute on Engaged and Integrative Learning

Institute Outcomes

The Institute on Engaged and Integrative Learning (IEIL) is designed to support faculty, staff, and administrators in leading institutional change that deepens students’ capacity to integrate knowledge and skills across disciplines and curricular and cocurricular experiences; transfer learning to new, complex experiences within and beyond campus; and embed learning across the educational experience. The IEIL provides practical guidance, professional development, mentoring, and resources for campus teams to achieve the following outcomes:

  • Embed engaged and integrative learning within the student learning experience through exploration of promising pedagogical practices and assessment strategies.
  • Promote equity-minded approaches to implementing engaged and integrative learning, and community-based global and civic learning at departmental, programmatic, and institutional levels.
  • Leverage problem-based inquiry and students’ exploration of big questions to connect campus, community, and future careers, promote integrative learning across general education and majors, and situate problems in local, global, and international contexts.
  • Develop practical strategies for equity-based assessment of students' engaged and integrative learning from the first year to the final year, including culminating signature work.
  • Empower leadership at multiple levels to facilitate change efforts aligned with engaged and integrative learning.

Campus Action Plans

Teams applying to the IEIL will each propose an educational change project specific to their individual institutions. If accepted, they will work with the IEIL faculty to develop a campus action plan, and they will leave the IEIL with a developed an action plan for achieving their specific goals.


Questions may be directed to Jasmine Epps at [email protected] or 202-888-3808.