2024 Institute on Engaged and Integrative Learning


Institute Goals

The institute provides practical guidance, mentoring, and resources for campus teams to achieve the following goals:

  • Create an action plan that advances engaged and integrative learning for all students at your institution.
  • Explore innovative strategies and pedagogies that foster integrative and engaged learning that centers equity and connects and synthesizes student learning across a wide variety of student experiences.
  • Design assignments, courses, activities, and/or programs that provide students with opportunities for problem-based, engaged, civic, and/or global learning across general education and the majors and curricular and cocurricular contexts.
  • Develop integrative assessment strategies that include multiple modes of assessment for engaged and integrative learning, including culminating signature work.
  • Examine and integrate institutional change strategies and practices to empower leadership at multiple levels and to implement engaged and integrative learning across departments, units, centers, and schools.
  • Create equitable, collaborative learning experiences that prepare students for full civic lives and careers in local, international, and global contexts.


Please contact Jasmine Epps at [email protected] or 202-888-3808.