2023-24 Institute on Open Educational Resources



  • Applications must be received by May 1, 2023.
  • Notification of selection decisions will be sent by May 8, 2023.

Institute Campus Teams

We recommend that teams consist of a team leader and four team members. We encourage you to select a senior administrator as your team lead; however, this is not a requirement for participation in the Institute. Teams should include a diverse set of colleagues and may include senior academic officers, faculty members, librarians, CTL staff members, learning technologies professionals, or student affairs leaders. Your team may also include assessment and curriculum specialists and others with active roles in advancing OER, curricular reform, course design, student learning, and student success on campus. Although not restricted, a typical team’s minimum size would consist of five individuals.


The online application consists of an information section and responses to the following prompts:

  • Describe what led your institution to apply to the Institute. If your institution has attended past AAC&U institutes, how does the work you want to accomplish in the Institute on OER relate to past participation?
  • Summarize your institution’s most recent efforts to develop or promote free and affordable course materials, including which individuals or groups were involved.
  • What are some of the resources or political issues at play in your campus context regarding OER?
  • How does participation in the Institute on OER align with your institution’s current strategic priorities?
  • Identify 3–5 specific goals that you hope to accomplish by participating in the Institute. What are your metrics for success?
  • What are your top three needs or concerns related to OER in your context?
  • What is the rationale for your team’s composition?
  • What do you believe your team can contribute to others participating in the Institute?

Please contact Dr. C. Edward Watson at [email protected] with questions or inquiries.