2022 PKAL STEM Leadership Institute: Apply

Submitting Your Application

The CadmiumCD Abstract Scorecard is the online meeting programming system used for PKAL STEM Leadership application submissions. The CadmiumCD Abstract Scorecard system will allow you to view, edit, and prepare your application in a central location up to the application deadlines.

Dates to Remember

  • Early Action Deadline

  • Regular Application Deadline

How to start a new application

  1. Access the Scorecard system.
  2. Login to the Scorecard as a New User, and create your account profile.
  3. Review the Privacy Notice, then indicate your consent by checking and entering your full name. Click “Continue.”
  4. On the Task List page, complete the Applicant Information Form. You are to complete ALL required fields of the Applicant Information form.
  5. On the Task List page, Upload your Application as a single PDF document.
  6. Applications for the PKAL STEM Leadership Institute must be saved and uploaded as asingle PDF documentusing the required filename format: Applicant Last Name_Applicant First Name_PKALSLI2022
  7. Use the “Submit” button to complete your application.

Application Checklist

Completed applications must contain the following:

  1. Signed Privacy Notice
  2. Completed Applicant Information Form
  3. A single PDF containing (in order):
    • Leadership Statement
    • Most recent CV
    • Letter of Reference
    • Institutional Letter of Commitment.

Please check to make sure you have used the required PDF filename format: Applicant Last Name_Applicant First Name_PKALSLI2022

Upon completion of application requirements, please click “Submit” on the Applicant Summary page. Applications may be updated at any time up to the application deadline.

Questions or Concerns?

Please contact us at [email protected]