2021 Institute on High-Impact Practices and Student Success

To Apply: Forming a Team - Creating a Strong Application

Applications are now closed. Thank you to everyone that applied.

Institute Campus Teams

A campus team typically consists of a team leader and four team members. Team leaders are most often senior academic or student affairs officers. Teams should be diverse and include faculty from a variety of disciplines. Teams should recruit individuals from various campus sectors that will be significantly involved in the projected campus work, as well as key individuals who could extend the reach of the action plan. In the past, teams have included faculty, provosts, deans, department chairs, student affairs educators, registrars, librarians, and students.

Preparation for the Institute

Prior to attending the Institute, teams will be asked to complete a campus inventory, to complete pre-Institute readings, and to reflect upon existing institutional practices and what they hope to gain at the Institute.

The online application consists of an information section and responses to the following prompts:

  • Provide a brief summary of your institution’s context including an overview of student populations.
  • Describe what led your institution to apply to the Institute. If your institution has attended the Institute in the past, how does the work you want to accomplish this year relate to past participation?
  • How does participation in the Institute align with your institutional mission and current academic or strategic priorities?
  • Summarize your institution’s most recent efforts to improve student success by implementing high-impact practices, including which individuals/groups were involved.
  • Describe how the work your institution will focus on at the Institute advances equitable learning outcomes across student populations.
  • What specific goals do you plan to advance at the Institute? Based on data analysis, is there a specific project or initiative you plan to develop at the Institute to advance your goals?
  • What data was used to inform decisions to pursue recent efforts related to student success and high-impact practices?
  • What is the rationale for your team’s composition?