Institute Goals: 2014 Institute on Integrative Learning and the Departments

The Institute is designed to support faculty and administrative teams in leading change that deepens students’ integrative capacities over time—including their ability to connect disciplinary knowledge and inquiry to responsible choices and actions in community engagement and preparation for careers. The Institute provides practical guidance, mentoring, and resources for campus teams to:

  • explore integrative learning outcomes, hallmarks, and challenges—e.g., the proposed framework reflected in the Degree Qualifications Profile (DQP);
  • promote educational effectiveness by connecting innovative teaching and learning practices across departmental-, programmatic-, and institutional-level goals and content;
  • assess student achievement of inquiry and integrative learningconcentrating on authentic assessment of student work in classes and in field-based learning experiences;
  • lead faculty and departmental efforts to advance engaging and intentional integrative curricula and practices within and across departments, majors, general education, programs, the cocurriculum, and the community.

Campus Action Plans

Teams applying to the Institute will each propose an educational change project specific to their individual institutions, and commit to develop and support faculty leadership for student learning. Teams will leave the Institute having developed action plans for achieving their specific goals. Expert faculty and other teams will provide initial feedback on the plans at the Institute. Team members are expected to be in residence for the duration of the Institute.

Questions may be directed to Chad Anderson at or 202-884-7429.