ePortfolios: Showing Student Learning in All Forms

ePortfolios effectively demonstrate student learning in all the environments where it occurs—as part of the curriculum, co-curriculum, or off campus.

A broader, more diverse student population expands the multitude of channels where learning takes place. ePortfolios allow faculty and other educators to help students preserve, organize, and reflect upon education in all its forms.

As electronic repositories of student work, ePortfolios provide a modern, convenient way to demonstrate and evaluate student learning. Combined with AAC&U’s VALUE rubrics, they allow educators to directly assess work completed within the curriculum, as part of the co-curriculum, and beyond the campus.

ePortfolios have the unique capability to preserve and organize student insights in their natural state. The vast array of work collected in ePortfolios tells a richer story of student progress for graduate school and job applications, especially in areas where standardized measurement falls short.

Scholarly research provides clear evidence of ePortfolios’ importance in secondary education. It also provides guidance on how to do them well. To accelerate the presence of ePortfolios on campuses, AAC&U provides these key tools and publication venues for practitioners and researchers: