Valid Assessment of Learning in Undergraduate Education (VALUE)

VALUE is an authentic approach to assessment designed to articulate and measure the skills, abilities, and dispositions that students need and that policymakers and employers demand.

Redefining Assessment: An Intro to VALUE

What is VALUE, and how did it become the preferred form of assessment for more than 2,700 colleges and universities worldwide? Find out in this brief introduction, which explores the rigorous process behind VALUE’s creation and its core concepts.

    VALUE Rubrics

    From 2007 to 2009, teams of faculty experts representing colleges and universities across the United States worked together to develop 16 VALUE rubrics. The rubrics articulate fundamental criteria for the related learning outcomes and include performance descriptors demonstrating progressively more sophisticated levels of attainment. Utilized by more than 5,600 discrete organizations across 142 countries, the VALUE rubrics have made an essential contribution to the dialogue on the assessment of college learning.

    VALUE Scoring Collaborative

    The VALUE Scoring Collaborative (formerly the VALUE Institute) provides a resource for higher education programs, states, and institutions to document, report, and use evidence on learning outcomes to improve student success. AAC&U invites higher education organizations to support the Collaborative by collecting samples of student work, transferring these artifacts and assignments to the digital depository, and having VALUE Scoring Collaborative experts score them using the VALUE rubrics.

    VALUE Academy of Professional Development

    From webinars and workshops to OneHE courses and online VALUE rubric scorer calibration training, the VALUE Academy of Professional Development provides an array of faculty and professional development opportunities focused on teaching, learning, and assessment.

    VALUE ADD (Assignment Design and Diagnostic) Tool

    Guided by an international team of education assessment experts, AAC&U is currently developing the VALUE ADD suite of tools. These tools will help faculty and instructional designers create effective assignments aligned with VALUE rubrics to evoke identified learning outcomes.

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