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Suggested by J. Elizabeth Clark

Integrative Learning: Mapping the Terrain

Faculty Leadership for Integrative Liberal Learning

Fostering Integrative Knowledge through ePortfolios

Reflective and Social Pedagogies to Advance Integrative ePortfolio Learning

Integrative Learning: Setting the Stage for a Pedagogy of the Contemporary


Suggested by Rebecca Frost Davis (for session on "Community-Engaged Signature Work in the Digital Ecosystem")

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Suggested by Hazel Symonette (for session on "Make Assessment Work for You”)

Hazel Symonette, Activist Assessment & Evaluation: In Search of Helpful-Help

Maurianne Adams et al, A Multidimensional Approach to Faculty Development: Understanding the Teaching‐Learning Process”,

Robert B. Barr and John Tagg, “From Teaching to Learning – A New Paradigm for Undergraduate Education”

Lorna Earl, “Assessment of Learning, for Learning and as Learning”

Hazel Symonette,  “Making Assessment Work In A Cross-Campus Incubator for Holistic Student Success”  (2013 UW Showcase Poster—Student Success Institute


Suggested by Hazel Symonette (for session on "Boundary-Spanning Excellence Facilitators”)

Hazel Symonette, Activist Assessment and Evaluation: In Search of Helpful Help

Hazel Symonette, “Culturally Responsive Evaluation as a Resource for Helpful-Help” Excerpt

Hazel Symonette, “In Search of Helpful Help: Boundary-Spanning Engagement of Many Voices, Views and Vantage Points” (2014 UW Showcase Poster—Student Success Institute)