Faculty Leadership for Integrative Liberal Learning: Principles and Practices

Project News

Peer Review: Faculty Leadership for Integrative Liberal Learning
Fall 2014/Winter 2015

This issue, sponsored by the Teagle and Mellon foundations, offers insights about the central role of faculty in galvanizing the necessary experiences that cross disciplines, units, and campus boundaries to promote integrative learning.

Project Overview

There is a growing national emphasis on fostering undergraduate students’ integrative learning through multiple forms of engaged educational experiences. As learning across boundaries becomes a signature characteristic of a 21st century liberal education, curricular, co-curricular, and pedagogical innovations call for new forms of cross-cutting faculty oversight to discern the quality and level of students’ overall integrative learning. Such oversight is in addition to the responsibility that the faculty already have for the effectiveness of the curriculum in their own departments and across general education.

Working individually on campus and collectively in regional affinity clusters, nine teams will develop long-term plans for developing sustained and self-renewing faculty leadership for the cumulative aims and outcomes of integrative liberal learning across the curriculum.

This project is made possible by the generous support of the Mellon Foundation and The Teagle Foundation.

Program Goals

Participating institutions will:

  • articulate “Principle and Practices” to guide integrative liberal learning for today’s students;
  • create or strengthen models for faculty leadership and oversight of integrative liberal learning;
  • create or strengthen models for socializing newly appointed faculty to the goals of integrative liberal learning;
  • engage colleagues on their campuses and beyond with the “Principles and Practices”; and
  • engage national colleagues through AAC&U meetings, publications, and initiatives.