Global Learning in College 2016: Session Materials and Resources

AAC&U thanks the workshop presenters and session facilitators for sharing their work.  Resources and materials are provided at the discretion of the facilitators. Additional materials will be posted over the next few weeks.

Poster 1: Assess This! Measuring the Impact of Global Learning at Community College
Richard Johnson, Director, Office of International Education and Nellie Khalil, Assistant Professor of Biology—both of William Rainey Harper College

Poster 17: Global Learning through Service Learning: A Flexible, High-Impact, K-16 Model
Deborah Roney, Assistant Professor of English and Director of Language in Motion—Juniata College; and Kristen Mullins, Language in Motion Coordinator—Middlebury College

WORKSHOP 2: AAC&U Global Learning Rubric: Springboard to Innovative Thinking
Christie Sample Wilson, Associate Professor of History and Chair, History Department—St. Edwards University

WORKSHOP 3: Inclusive Strategies for Shaping Global Learning Initiatives
Elaine Meyer-Lee, Associate Vice President for Global Learning and Leadership Development—Agnes Scott College; and Frank Tuitt, Senior Advisor to the Chancellor and Provost for Diversity and Inclusion and Associate Professor of Higher Education—University of Denver

CS 6: Supporting Innovation in Faculty Development for Collaborative International Online Learning
Essential Structural Components of COIL Handout
COIL Presentation Questions
GianMario Besana, Associate Provost  for Global Engagement and Online Learning and Rositsa Leon, Director of Global Learning and Partnerships—both of Fairleigh Dickinon University

CS11: Ethical Reasoning: A Foundational Skill for Global Citizenship
Ethical Reasoning 
Eight Key Question Strategies

Lori Pyle, Associate Chair, Ethical Reasoning in Action Program, Vesna Hart, Associate Professor of Graduate Psychology and Project Coordinator for International Network of Universities, and Carol Miller, Project Coordinator for the Office of International Programs—all of James Madison University

CS 13: Empowering Faculty to Develop Personally Meaningful Global Learning Outcomes
Questions of Travel
Course Level Outcomes Exercise
Intercultural Competence Description
Global Learning Value Rubric
Assessment Measures
Cultural Awareness Rubric
Lopez Pages
Michael Paige Webinar
Sample Agenda
Sample Global Learning Goals
Four Steps of Transformative Learning Process
Developmental Model of Intercultural Sensitivity
Melina Draper
, Teaching Support Specialist for Internationalizing the Curriculum and Theresa Petit, Director of the Center for Teaching Excellence—both of Cornell University

CS 14: Change Begins with Us: Developing a Globally Engaged Faculty for the Ground Up
Ashley Finley,
Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of the Dominican Experience and Kati Bell, Director Global Education Office—both of Dominican University of California

CS 15: Learning Communities, First Year Seminars, Critical Thinking, and Perspective-Taking: Campus Examples
Global Learning at a Midsize University: Building an International Learning Community on a Budget
Global Learning at a Midsize University: International Learning Community
Global Learning at a Midsize University: Center for International Education
Global Learning at a Midsize University: Discover, Design, Deliver, Reflect
Global Education and Critical Thinking: A Combined Focus - Presentation
Becky Becker,
Assistant Director, Center for International Education, Mariko Izumi, QEP Director and Dan Ross, Professor of Englishall of Columbus State University
Alan Lane, Associate Professor of HIstory and Kevin Pennington, Associate Professor of Biology—both of Barton College

CS 16: Global U.S. Citizens? An Oxymoron That Breaks a Curricular and Institutional Logjam
Global Learning Experiences with Democracy Outcomes: A Selection of Practices at Different Scales, collected from AAC&U's Diversity and Democracy
William Chafe,
Alice Mary Baldwin Professor of History, EmeritusDuke University; Caryn McTighe Musil, Senior Scholar and Director of Civic Learning and Democracy Initiatives and Kathryn Peltier Campbell, Senior Editor for Equity and Civic Engagement and Director of Member Communications—both of AAC&U

CS 17: Going Epic: Achieving a New and Necessary Level of Interdisciplinarity in Global Programs
Melissa Armstrong,
Director of Interdisciplinary Global Programs and Benning Tieke, Lecturer of Spanish, Faculty Coordinator for Interdisciplinary Global Program—both of Arizona University

CS 18: NC Global Distinction: A Model for University-Community College Collaboration in Global Education
Neil Bolick, Associate Director, World View and Charle LaMonica, Director, World View—both of The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; and Suzanne LaVenture, Director of International Education and Faculty—Davidson County Community College

CS 19: Using High-Impact Learning Practices as Bookends of Global Citizenship Education
A. Celeste Gaia,
Professor of Psychology, Director of International Education and Matthew Shannon, Assistant Professor of History, Director of Connections Program—both of Emory and Henry College

CS 21: Strategic Planning for Global Learning: Problem-Based and Student Centered Examples
Presentation - Multidisciplinary Integration in General Education: Global Climate Change as a Complex Problem
Jeanie Bukowski, Associate Professor—Bradley University

CS 26: Integrating Global Learning and Undergraduate Research into a Liberal Arts International Studies Curriculum
Aaron Boesenecker, Assistant Professor of International Studies, SIS Undergraduate Research Coordinator, Dylan Craig, Professorial Lecturer, Co-Director, SIS Global Studies Program, Lucia Seybert, Professional Lecturer, Co-Director, SIS Global Studies Program and Rosemary Shinko, Assistant Professor, SIS Undergraduate Program Coordinator—all of School International Service, American University

CS 29: Global Learning Value Rubric
Dawn Whitehead, Senior Director Global Learning and Curricular Change and Jasmine Epps, Program Assistant and Assistant to the Vice President—both of AAC&U

CS 32: Engaging International and Domestic Students in Global Learning
Shala Mills, Chair of Political Science—Fort Hays State University

CS 39: Methods for Preparing and Assessing Intercultural Competence in Study Abroad
Jodi Malmgren,
Director of International and Off-Campus StudiesSt. Olaf College; Andrea Paras, Assistant Professor of Political Science—University of Guelphl; Michael Carignan, Associate Professor of History—Elon University; and Jane Hardy, Associate Professor of Spanish—Wabash College

CS 43: Creating Signature Experiences and Meaningful Pathways for Global Learning
Pathways to Global Learning and International Service
Rosemary Shinko, Assistant Professor, Undergraduate Program Director, The School of International ServiceAmerican University