Global Learning in College 2015: Session Materials and Resources

AAC&U thanks the session facilitators for sharing their work.  Resources and materials are provided at the discretion of the facilitators. Additional materials will be posted over the next few weeks.

WORKSHOP 1: “From Doorstep to Planet”—Global is Everywhere

Suggested Readings (pdf)
Why a Global Education Doesn't Have to Mean Going Abroad (pdf)
The Faraway Nearby (pdf)
From Doorstep to Planet: Re-drawing the "Field" (pdf)
Patty Lamson
, Director of International Programs—Earlham College; Scott Manning, Dean of Global Programs—Susquehanna University; Sarah Pradt, Director of Programs—HECUA; Shuang Frances Wu, Assistant Professor of Higher Education, and Richard Slimbach, Professor of Global Studies—both of Azusa Pacific University; Neal Sobania, Professor of History—Pacific Lutheran University; and Eric Hartman, Assistant Professor in Leadership Studies—Kansas State University

CS 2: Embracing the Contrast Between the Expected and the Real: Seeking Authenticity in Global Contexts

Presentation Part I (ppt)
Presentation Part II (ppt)
Case Studies (pdf)
Engagement Pre-Reflection (pdf)
Think-Pair-Share Questions (pdf)

Steve E. Grande, Executive Director, Spencer Center for Civic and Global Engagement and Bethany Zaiman, Class of 2015—both of Mary Baldwin College; Jennifer Coffman, Associate Executive Director, International Programs, Associate Professor, ISAT and A. Renee Staton, Professor of Graduate Psychology—both of James Madison University

CS3: Workshop: Spiritual, Religious, and Secular Pathways to Purpose in a Global Society
Presentation Part I
Presentation Part II

Kathy Goodman, Assistant Professor, Student Affairs in Higher Education—Miami University of Ohio; and Jenny Small, Associate Editor—Journal of College and Character and Lecturer—Boston College

CS 24: Meaningful Global Learning: A Roadmap to “Intercultureality”
Eveke E. De Louw
, European Studies-3 Programme Co-ordinator and Claudia Bulnes Sanchez, Co-ordinator of Internationalization—both of The Hague University of Applied Sciences, the Netherlands