Giving Tuesday

Support Our Future Leaders

A Message from Lynn Pasquerella

Help AAC&U equip the next generation of higher ed leaders to advance equity, innovation, and excellence in liberal education.

We live in a time of extensive disruption across all sectors of society, including higher education. Although many institutions have returned to pre-pandemic operations, the reverberations of COVID-19’s catastrophic effects will be felt for years to come. Enrollment decline for the fifth semester in a row has resulted in a lost generation of college students. The staggering weight of that reality is further accentuated by the ever-expanding digital divide, bitter political divisiveness, surges in racially motivated hate crimes, a blossoming mental health crisis, government efforts to restrict what is taught and learned, and active efforts to undermine the value of higher education.

It is imperative that we invest in the cultivation and development of leaders who will be capable of facing these known challenges as well as those yet to emerge.

Through the Future Leaders Society, AAC&U provides rising higher ed leaders with access to unique, cross-disciplinary opportunities for professional development, networking, and mentorship, in addition to an exclusive virtual community that supports ongoing engagement and collaboration.

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This Giving Tuesday, support the Future Leaders Society and help future higher ed leaders who will make quality and equity the foundations for excellence in undergraduate education.

Hear from Future Leaders Society members on why now is the time to support AAC&U:

Rachel Perez-Udell, University of North Georgia

Rachel highlights how the Future Leaders Society provides an opportunity to learn new ideas, test new tactics, and gain skills that directly transfer to the classroom for the betterment of students and faculty.

Edgar Virgüez, Stanford University

Edgar shares his experiences as a member of an underrepresented group in the United States which drives him to advocate for inclusivity in higher education. Hear him describe the impact that the Future Leaders Society has had in support of the quality and excellence to tackle the ever-present challenges.

Jonathan Rossing, Gonzaga University

Jonathan recaps the importance of liberal education for a democratic society when reflecting on the current political climate. He stresses the need for the support of future leaders who have equity, inclusion, diversity, access, and justice front of mind.

Tati Russo-Tait, University of Georgia

Tati discusses the need to address inequities in higher education. She shares how AAC&U and the Future Leaders Award recognize junior scholars who work to address equity. Equity and excellence are not mutually exclusive, but rather synergistic.

Adam Bush, College Unbound

Adam shares how his involvement with the Future Leaders Society was one of the most important professional development and peer-learning spaces he's been involved in. He asks for you to support the next generation of thought leaders.

Omar Villa Nueva, Georgia Gwinnett College

Omar discusses how AAC&U and the Future Leaders Society are well-positioned to foster the growth of leaders in higher education who are committed to equity, community engagement, and teaching & learning. He also shares how the Future Leaders Society helps these professionals better learn to be advocates for change at their home institution.