General Education Maps and Markers: Leadership and Staff

GEMs/VALUE Group Chairs

Randall Bass
Vice Provost for Education, Georgetown University
Digital Working Group Chair

Debra Humphreys
Senior Vice President for Academic Planning and Public Engagement, AAC&U
Quality Assurance Group Chair

Tia Brown McNair
Vice President for Diversity, Equity, and Student Success, AAC&U
Equity Working Group Chair

David Paris
Senior Scholar, AAC&U
GEMs Project Director and Design Group Chair

Additional Project Leadership and Staff

Susan Albertine
Senior Scholar, AAC&U

Rebecca Dolinsky
Program Manager and Research Analyst, AAC&U

Ann Ferren
Senior Fellow, AAC&U

Lee Knefelkamp
Senior Fellow, AAC&U

Carol Geary Schneider
President, AAC&U

Bethany Zecher Sutton
Chief of Staff and Coordinating Director for the LEAP Initiative, AAC&U