Gender Values: Project Overview


Recent studies have suggested that the overall underrepresentation of women in the academic STEM fields is due, in part, to workplace dissatisfaction stemming from a lack of family-friendly considerations in institutional policies.

To address this issue, AAC&U has developed a comprehensive self-assessment instrument that relies upon on an evidence-based rubric. Grounded in theories of organizational change, this rubric centralizes the importance of institutionalization, inclusivity, and culture as levers of change. Further, the rubric has been translated into a user-friendly online self-assessment tool that empowers colleges and universities to qualitatively and quantitatively assess their workplace environments as a combined function of career-life balance, inclusivity, institutionalization, and culture.

By focusing on policies and practices that support career-life solutions, Gender Values offers institutions of higher education a platform for accurately determining the kind of deep and pervasive adjustments to institutional policies, procedures and processes that are needed to ensure that all STEM faculty are represented in numbers equal to pools from which they are selected. Gender Values also sets in motion the alignment of institutional missions of gender equity in STEM fields with federal agency efforts.

The Gender Values: Meeting the Challenge for STEM Gender Diversity project is generously funded by the National Science Foundation (#1357697).