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About AAC&U

The AAC&U Gallery of Writing

AAC&U is a partner in the National Gallery of Writing, an online exhibition of writing hosted by the National Council of Teachers of English. The National Gallery will open on October 20, 2009, as part of the National Day on Writing. Within the larger exhibition, AAC&U has created a gallery of our own devoted to liberal education. We invite students, faculty, and staff from our member institutions, and friends of liberal education wherever they may be, to submit work to be displayed in this innovative venue.

Gallery Theme

The theme of the AAC&U Gallery is “the meaning of liberal education in the twenty-first century.” Liberal education has always been a remarkably dynamic tradition, and it is currently evolving and being adapted to better prepare college graduates for the complex realities of the new global century. Drawing from a broad range of constituencies—both on and off college and university campuses—and using a variety of modes of written and visual communication, the AAC&U Gallery exhibits contemporary explorations of the meaning of liberal education.

Contribute to the AAC&U Gallery

Anyone may submit one piece of writing for review and possible acceptance. The form or mode of writing is up to the writer. A submission might be an e-mail message, a letter, an essay, a poem, or a digital composition, and it might be in video, visual, or some other format. It just takes a few minutes to upload your submission. The AAC&U gallery curators will review and respond to each submission.

Accepted pieces will be unveiled on October 20, 2009, as part of the National Day on Writing, a celebration highlighting the variety and importance of writing in daily life.

To submit your writing, consult the guidelines for writers, or learn more about the National Gallery of Writing, click here.