Work Readiness Defined and Measured – Getting Stakeholders on the Same Page

February 17, 2021
Online, 2:00–3:00 p.m., ET



This webinar addresses the opportunities and obstacles of moving from narrow definitions of work readiness based on job-specific technical skills to more inclusive and expansive notions of skills that span careers. A panel representing higher education leaders, trustees, and industry leaders, will discuss how work readiness is and should be defined at a time of profound economic and democratic disruption; short-term approaches and long-term opportunities for implementing work readiness for our students, our institutions, and the economy; and aligned strategies among higher education leaders and employers for determining the work readiness of college graduates.



AGB_Henry_Stoever_150px.pngHenry Stoever
President and CEO






amanda_gould_baypath_150px.pngAmanda Gould
Vice President for Learning Innovation
Bay Path College




MichaelSorrell_PaulQuinn_150px.pngMichael Sorrell, Ed.D.
Paul Quinn College




HoracioAValeiras.pngHoracio Valeiras
CEO, Frontier Global Partners
Rector, Virginia Tech Board of Rectors
Member, AGB Board of Directors




This webinar is in partnership with Association of Governing Boards of Universities and Colleges (AGB) and Kaplan, with special thanks to the generous support of Kaplan.

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