TIDES: Teaching to Increase Diversity and Equity in STEM

The Next Generation of Liberal Education Reforms

Featured Session
Thursday January 22, 2015 10:45am to 12:15pm

How can educators reduce the loss of STEM talent in high priority fields while also increasing the success of students from underrepresented groups in STEM studies? How faculty—and more broadly, departments, colleges, and institutions—approach this disparity is a major area of emphasis for AAC&U’s new TIDES initiative. Focused primarily on computer science, where the talent shortfall is particularly acute, TIDES empowers STEM faculty to implement advanced teaching strategies that are equally evidence-based and culturally competent in their classrooms. This forum will begin with a framework for achieving inclusive excellence in STEM fields and will then explore different institutions that are implementing TIDES initiatives. 

Kelly Mack
Vice President, Office of Undergraduate Science Education
and Executive Director, Project Kaleidoscope, AAC&U
Jamie Bracey
Director, STEM Education, Outreach & Research
Temple University
Melvin Hall
Professor of Education
Northern Arizona University
KerryAnn O'Meara
Associate Professor of Higher Education
University of Maryland
Kathryn Winter
Independent Consultant