Events: Summer Institute

AAC&U’s summer institutes offer opportunities for teams and individuals to develop and exchange best practices in support of advancing campus change initiatives.

AAC&U’s team-based institutes offer campus teams a time and place for sustained collaborative work on a project of importance to their campuses, along with a curriculum focused on important trends, research, and best practices delivered by a resident faculty of educational experts and consultants. AAC&U’s three annual team-based institutes include the Institute on General Education and Assessment; the Institute on High-Impact Practices and Student Success; and the Institute on Integrative Learning and Signature Work.

The PKAL STEM Leadership Institute is designed for both early- and mid-career STEM faculty engaged in leading projects aimed at transforming undergraduate STEM education in their classrooms, departments, and institutions.

AAC&U occasionally sponsors project-based institutes. Information about those institutes will be posted when applicable. 

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