Liberal Education Unbound: The Life of Signature Student Work in the Emerging Digital Learning Environment

The Next Generation of Liberal Education Reforms

Featured Session
Thursday January 22, 2015 10:45am to 12:15pm

How does the emerging digital environment shape the life cycle of students’ signature work in the 21st century? Digital technology has changed the learning ecosystem, and the future of liberal education depends upon an integrative vision of learning that is not merely advanced by digital tools, but reshaped in the same ways that digital learning has already fundamentally changed our culture. In this forum, we will explore what a synthesis of liberal education and connected learning can look like through the lens of signature work and the possibilities that the digital opens up at each stage of this work.

Randy Bass
Vice Provost for Education
Georgetown University
Jennifer Ebbeler
Associate Professor of Classics
University of Texas at Austin
Rebecca Frost Davis
Director of Instructional and Emerging Technology
St. Edward’s University